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How do I apply?

To apply to the campus please choose the appropriate location and set up a personal interview with an admissions representative. Just send us a message once you have already chosen a campus.

Do you accept International Students?

Yes. While attending our schools the students will be eligible for an M-1 visa status.

Is there placement assistance?

Every program includes career preparation sessions to review hiring procedures, to help you write your resume and to improve your employment interview skills. When you graduate, the Career Services Office helps match you with potential employers, many of whom call on us throughout the year to fill available staff openings. Although we cannot guarantee employment, we are committed to securing positions for our student population. Placement assistance is available either when you graduate or at any future time you wish to use this service.

How do I have to dress for class?

Students must appear neat and well groomed at all times. Each campus provides all students with the required uniform including jackets, pants, shoes, aprons, scrubs and hats (depending on program). Long hair must be pinned up under the hat. Proper hygiene is particularly important in classes. Students are responsible for keeping themselves and their uniforms clean at all times. Fingernails must be trimmed to a moderate length and must be well manicured. The use of nail polish is not permitted. Men with beards and/or mustaches must keep them trimmed. For safety reasons, only necessary equipment and materials may be brought into the kitchens, clinics and classrooms. Watches and wedding rings are the only items of jewelry that may be worn. Students who are improperly dressed will not be admitted to class and will be marked absent for the day.

What if I need a leave of absence?

In the case of a prolonged illness or accident, death in the family, or other special circumstances that make attendance impossible or impractical, a leave of absence may be granted if requested in writing by the student or his/her designee. Approval of such leave of absence shall be made in writing to the Director. No monetary charges or accumulated absences may be assessed to the student during a leave of absence. When a student returns from an approved leave of absence, the student shall be placed in the instructional program at the point commensurate with the skill level retained by the student at the time of his/her return.

What do I have to do to graduate?

In order to complete your academic program you must pass all subjects, meet requirements as stated in the student handbook, complete assignments and pay your tuition and fees. Upon completion of the program, students earn a certificate of graduation.

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