a parent, the joy of bringing a child to the world is unfathomable. However, it’s even greater when your kid succeeds in life.


How can you ensure that your kid achieves and enjoys a successful and ambient life?

Well, education plays an integral part in an individual’s success today. Basically, your level of education determines whether your kid will enjoy a successful life or not.

We live in a capitalist society, meaning that the amount of money you earn directly affects the amount of money that you receive. 

As a parent, you probably remember that your high school teacher or counselor advised that you follow your passion when choosing careers. While this might be true to some extent, it still begs the question of how much money your passion can bring.


What can you do to ensure that your kid lands the best paying job in the market?

Ideally, there’s so little that you can do as a parent to guarantee your child’s success in the future. However, you can identify the best paying jobs, and guide your kid on how to get such a job. 


What are the best paying jobs today?

As you would expect, jobs in the medical sector, and the healthcare system, in general, tend to be among the best paying jobs. Even so, the medical field is quite selective in terms of entry.

But, you’ll find a myriad of other well-paying careers that your kid can delve into, aside from jobs in the healthcare system. Read along to find out.

Top 5 Jobs Your Kids Can Choose for Rewarding and Enjoyable Careers

Computer Network Architect

With the inception of the internet, businesses have seen a surge in financial operations in the 21st century. Ideally, a vast majority, if not all businesses, solely depend on internet communication to run their day to day operations. 

Even so, these communication channels often fail to operate, time and again. This is where a computer network architect comes into play. Since this professional is mandated with designing complex communication networks for businesses, it’s highly ranked in the job category. 

So, how can your kid land this lucrative job?

First, your kid should be able to qualify for this course with impeccable high school grades. Secondly, your kid should be able to school over a long period of time (mostly close to 6 years).

Finally, your kid should be able to develop a resume over a period of years to indicate his skill levels. 

IT Manager

The 21st century is generally characterized by technological inventions. This can be attributed to the introduction of the internet as well as advancement in global internet connectivity.

Although the internet has greatly shaped how businesses run today, it’s expected that the trend in technological inventions will continue into the coming decade.

While the internet and technological innovations have totally changed how businesses run today, it equally comes with a number of challenges. Today, businesses invest greatly on protecting their data, with IT managers playing an important role in different organizations and corporations. 

Typically, an IT manager is tasked with running the IT department in any business, corporation or government department.

He’s responsible for the actions of all technicians, including computer technicians. They ensure that an organization’s computer network is secure and runs smoothly. 

With such crucial responsibilities, you can expect an IT manager to go home with a hefty salary.

However, there’s a catch. In order for your kid to be an IT manager in a top institution, it’s of paramount importance that he be well-versed with all technology and management skills.


With increasing demand for property in the real estate industry, the need for paint work increases. The job of painters is also high in the construction industry.

If your kid is hands-on and enjoys painting, you can help them take up trades certification courses in painting. The job is fun and well-paying for the right candidates.

During learning, your kids will develop the skills needed to use painting tools, including sprayers and brushes. The best airless paint sprayer comes with a user-friendly setup for use across different skill levels.

The right training improves painters’ versatility with using different types of painting tools, including sprayers.


If you’re a fan of financial reports, then you have probably heard about actuarial science.

Contrary to common belief, actuarial science isn’t all about science. It’s a field of study that is concerned majorly with accounting business and statistics.

For this reason, an actuary specialist deals broadly with statistics, business and accounting software in different areas including:

  • Government agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks, among others. 

With the responsibility that comes with being an actuary, very few students qualify for this course. Aside from that, most students rarely apply for this course because it involves a lot of grueling study years.

However, if your kid is lucky enough to make the cut, he’ll not only enjoy a good pay rate, but is also guaranteed job security. There’s also room for improvement in the industry. 

While this might sound enticing, it’s of utmost importance to note that there are not enough actuary specialists in the world.

So, if your kid is lucky enough to be among the qualified few, you can rest assured that he’ll have a secure future. 

Operations Research Analyst

Whether you’re well-acquainted with the profession of an operations research analyst or not, know that it’s one of the most coveted jobs today. At the same time, this profession comes with a hefty salary.

But… why? You may wonder. 

Well, the high salary that operations research analysts make is mainly attributed to the fact that it involves a lot of math.

In a nutshell, the research analysts utilize mathematics, techniques, data analysis and statistics to identify problems businesses often face to develop formidable solutions. 

While identifying the solutions to the problems, operations research analysts configure ways to improve business supply chains. They optimize employee performance and properly organize products and services with regards to priority. 

With such technical responsibilities, it’s no surprise that being an operations research analyst requires high levels of skill set as well as education.

Due to the high stands required to be an operations research analyst, the field has very few specialists. This, coupled with the fact that the profession is highly skilled, makes the field highly competitive.  It’s no surprise that there are very few operation research analysts in the market today. And with such dwindling numbers, it’s no surprise that the profession enjoys a good salary as well as a retirement package.