Experience, says Harry Callahan, is the best teacher of all. Let’s take a brief illustration. If you’re a parent or a student, imagine yourself as the Chief Medical Director of a reputable hospital in the nation. Then, seated comfortably in your classy office, you’ve to your desk, two young brilliant medical graduates A and B from different respected universities. These two doctors both have impressive grades, they’re both young and charming, and they both went to renowned universities.

However, doctor A has gotten practically trained at the distinguished Star Career Academy. In contrast, doctor B only has the same bunch of certificates with doctor A. Now, as the C.M.D., whom would you employ? Doctor A, of course. You’d unarguably go for the one with a rich work experience compared to one with none.

Every employer would do too, Ceteris Paribus. Now you’re beginning to recognize the value of work experience. That’s not all. Here are other benefits of a student’s rich work experience in a reputable trade academy.

1.  Put You Ahead of the Game

As you can see from our opening illustration, having rich work experience will put you ahead of the game and make you shine among your contemporaries. The Organization for Economic, Cooperation, and Development (OECD) predicted that by 2030, there would be about three hundred million degree holders worldwide. Imagine having such a huge number of graduates worldwide. There would be fierce competition out there, and the best way you can increase your chances of getting employed quickly and comfortably is opting for a verified internship.

Undoubtedly, not many college graduates would have work experience in their chosen field of study. And this deficit gives you a great advantage to get practically trained in your area of research and be one step ahead of the game. Top employers prefer applicants who are proactive enough to take action forward and prepared in the position or office they seek to occupy.

2.  Build a Long-Term Relationship

The serendipity of undertaking work experience is enough for you to consider having it. In a work experience academy, you’ve got the opportunity to meet and interact with many like-minded individuals who can help you now or in the future. You’d be able to expand your network and likewise build a longtime relationship with professionals in the industry.

If you’re skilled enough, you can request a reference from top professionals in your field, which you can use to your future’s advantage. You’d also be able to engage in profitable interactions with other students in your area and gain massively from them.

3.  Personal Development

Likewise, you also tend to develop many important skills like communication skills, teamwork skills, problem-solving skills, etc., which you can utilize in your workplace in the future. Employers as well, value these skills as highly-essential to professional input in the workplace. You’d be able to gain soft and technical skills you’re less likely to develop in the classroom. Personal, social, and emotional development are some of the benefits of work experience.

4.  Increase the Power of Your Resume

Boldly scribed on your resume, work experience will be a great addition to your resume. Employers love to see more than just 4.0 G.P.A. or 5.0 G.P.A. at best. As the owner of a resume with the certificate of work experience, you’ll also be more confident and carry yourself with grace. Your self-esteem and worth will increase, thereby allowing you to apply for high-level jobs in your field. And you’re very likely to be employed as a result of your top-notch experience in the area.

5.  Know the Pros and Cons of the Industry

I had the opportunity to interact with a graduate who has had work experience in the engineering industry. He asks, “In the world today, where are many tools and devices, how would one know the most suitable among them?”. For me, a professional during my work experience recommended a drill press which l now use for my metalwork. Fortunately, it was really the best drill press I could have bought, he continued.

You’d also get to know how the work industry works and how to perform at your best. In a work field, you’d be able to observe colleagues and professionals, ask questions, learn the practical aspects, and ultimately decide if it suits your taste. The knowledge of the industry will also influence the decisions you make, guiding you down the right path.


Beyond the classrooms, there are many benefits you can derive from a work experience which you’d be grateful for, now and in the future. And fortunately, the Star Career Academy can be that place where you’ll learn all about your field of study, relate with experienced professionals, and develop the skills you need for success. Attend today and shine.